Written and directed by Juan Palacios

 Un Espectador (Trailer)





Un Espectador is an experimental-narrative film in Spanish. The film uses conventional thriller sequences, easy to recognize, to create an individual visual experience that allows the audience to create their own story. The idea behind the short is stimulate  media consumption' awareness. 



Written and directed by Juan Palacios



My short film, Land, is based on a story reported by The New York Times, that describes an incident where a teenager was awakened at night by people at her door who she believed to be Immigration Customs Enforcement or (ICE) agents, and having seen several “Know your rights” posts on Instagram, she knew not to open the door for them without seeing a warrant.

The report inspired me to write a story showing how ICE’s methodology and the operating system could infringe on the intimacy and safety within the household of people whose immigration status hasn’t been sorted out yet. Now, to portray this, I thought of recreating a story where a child has to spend days alone because ICE has taken her parents into custody due to their immigration status

The fragility of portraying this matter, in the wrong hands, could easily be a product of sensationalism, which in my opinion lacks sensitivity and dangerously affects the audience’s perception, especially in a susceptible matter like immigration. Rather than simply a political film rebelling against the immigration system flaws, this film is intended to show the fear within Latinx Immigrant communities caused by ICE operation systems.